YAPPENDA is developing programmes that incorporate the education of the local population and impart the importance and value of avoiding the felling of primary forests, and maintenance of a long term forestry plan. This particular aspect of the project will be supported by staff from A Roche. Sekolah Lentera Harapan (a James Riady foundation) has agreed to fully fund and manage a school in Holuwon in cooperation with YAPPENDA and YAPPELIN (Yayasan Pelayanan Injili). YAPPENDA will add conservation to the curriculum and involve students with tree planting and care of forest/nursery.

Our Vision

“To ensure that our grandchildren and their children inherit a land that is environmentally stable, clean and healthy yet provides for their livelihoods”.

"Untuk memastikan bahwa cucu-cucu kita dan anak-anak mereka mewarisi tanah yang stabil secara lingkungan, bersih dan sehat namun dapat menyediakan mata pencaharian mereka”

Our Mission

“Protect, advocate for, sustain and restore the natural environment through economic empowerment of the OAP (Indigenous Papuan)”

“Melindungi, mengadvokasi, melestarikan dan memulihkan lingkungan alam melalui pemberdayaan ekonomi OAP”