Tanah Papua (Land of Papua) is one of the last great natural wildlife frontiers left on earth. Estimated to still possess 92% forest cover (this amounts to 33.8 million hectares), and many rare or unusual species. These species face a severe threat from logging, mining and other forms of natural resource extraction. Over the past two decades, the Papua region has lost 663,443 hectares (1.6 million acres) of natural forest cover; 71% of this deforestation occurred from 2011 to 2019. Coupled to this threat is the lack of economic opportunity and capacity for/of local people which weakens their ability to resist these intrusions and/or to utilise their natural resources in a manner that benefits them while protecting the land.

Most traditional communities in the highlands of Papua rely on wood for firewood (heat and cooking) and construction material for homes and fences etc. With improved healthcare and diet, the population has expanded and the increasing demand for wood has resulted in primary, virgin forests being increasingly deforested around villages. This has resulted in loss of wildlife habitat, soil instability (landslides) and loss of clean water sources. An efficient and relatively reliable way to ensure forest preservation is to provide long term options to the current use of local forests.

Our Vision

“To ensure that our grandchildren and their children inherit a land that is environmentally stable, clean and healthy yet provides for their livelihoods”.

"Untuk memastikan bahwa cucu-cucu kita dan anak-anak mereka mewarisi tanah yang stabil secara lingkungan, bersih dan sehat namun dapat menyediakan mata pencaharian mereka”

Our Mission

“Protect, advocate for, sustain and restore the natural environment through economic empowerment of the OAP (Indigenous Papuan)”

“Melindungi, mengadvokasi, melestarikan dan memulihkan lingkungan alam melalui pemberdayaan ekonomi OAP”