YAPPENDA has begun work to help preserve two endangered indigenous tree species. These two species include the Ganyam (Inocarpus fagifer) and the Sowang (Xanthostemon novaguineenis). YAPPENDA is collecting seeds/seedlings and donating them to the Forestry department (Jayapura regency). Both parties will grow the trees i their respective nurseries. The Forestry Department will then assist and support YAPPENDA in locating planting areas and the planting therein.

The Ganyam is arguably not an endemic species. In the past, however, the tree was well established around lake Sentani. It provided food for people and protection of water sources as well as medicinal herbs for local people. Loss of this tree is both an ecological loss and a cultural loss. Thus, its preservation is crucial to addressing both.

The Sowang is an indigenous species. The wood of this tree is like iron wood in that it is very hard and does not rot easily. It was the preferred wood for the Sentani people to use in their buildings, tools and fences. The tree also encourages the presence of various animal species. Sadly, the tree has become harder to find.

YAPPENDA will also work with Co2 Balance to begin replanting of Mangroves. Mangroves are not endangered per se, but have been heavily deforested in critical marine costal areas.

YAPPENDA has begun to work with a tribal group in Doyo (Sentani, Kabupaten Jayapura) to create a reserve. YAPPENDA, in cooperation with the local people, will preserve existing forest, replant where needed and develop casuarina groves that can provide firewood for locals. An eco-tourism concept will be developed involving nature trails, camping and hiking opportunities. The financial benefits will be shared between the people and YAPPENDA. Locals will be employed in managing the eco-tourism aspect.

Other species - flora and fauna - will be added as the programme develops.

Our Vision

“To ensure that our grandchildren and their children inherit a land that is environmentally stable, clean and healthy yet provides for their livelihoods”.

"Untuk memastikan bahwa cucu-cucu kita dan anak-anak mereka mewarisi tanah yang stabil secara lingkungan, bersih dan sehat namun dapat menyediakan mata pencaharian mereka”

Our Mission

“Protect, advocate for, sustain and restore the natural environment through economic empowerment of the OAP (Indigenous Papuan)”

“Melindungi, mengadvokasi, melestarikan dan memulihkan lingkungan alam melalui pemberdayaan ekonomi OAP”