Yahukimo Regency, Heluk River Valley Region and Jayapura Regency, Cyclops Mountain Range

YAPPENDA immediate goal is to quickly begin planting trees and provide reasonably rapid results to encourage buy-in from local people. Preservation of endangered species or full restoration of the natural habitat would form a future project once buy-in has been accomplished. Thus fast growing and multi-purpose tree species like casuarina and eucalyptus will form the bulk of the initial reforestation projects. This program would also incorporate the education of the local population in the importance and value of avoiding the felling of primary forests, and maintenance of a long term forestry plan. Additionally, we will provide income to the population through employment in tree planting, forestry maintenance, establishing and operating nurseries and preservation awareness education outreach.

YAPPENDA has established five nursery locations:

  1. Sentani (Kabupaten Jayapura)
  2. Doyo (Kabupaten Jayapura)
  3. Wamena ((Kabupaten Jayawijaya)
  4. Dekai (Kabupaten Yahukimo)
  5. Holuwon (Kabupaten Yahukimo)

YAPPENDA is partnering closely with the Papua province, Kabupaten Jayapura and the Kabupaten Yahukimo forestry departments.The government has been incredibly supportive and supplied YAPPENDA with seedlings. There will also be cooperation on a number of fronts including species preservation and development, reforestation and land management.

Our Vision

“To ensure that our grandchildren and their children inherit a land that is environmentally stable, clean and healthy yet provides for their livelihoods”.

"Untuk memastikan bahwa cucu-cucu kita dan anak-anak mereka mewarisi tanah yang stabil secara lingkungan, bersih dan sehat namun dapat menyediakan mata pencaharian mereka”

Our Mission

“Protect, advocate for, sustain and restore the natural environment through economic empowerment of the OAP (Indigenous Papuan)”

“Melindungi, mengadvokasi, melestarikan dan memulihkan lingkungan alam melalui pemberdayaan ekonomi OAP”